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It's All About Relationship
As a professional marketer, you appreciate that marketing designs and maintains intentional relationships. Marketing Research is the science that investigates and addresses the dynamics of the marketing processes you apply to create relationships with your customers and other stakeholders.

Accelara Research puts the power of professional marketing research at your disposal. We also understand the value of relationship … we seek to become your trusted research partner for the long term. We take the time to get to know your company and understand your industry well. We are committed to delivering the marketing intelligence that will best support your business goals and objectives.

Accelara offers consultative guidance in a full-service environment. Our capable team collaborates with your marketing and business management in a close working relationship to understand and define research goals and suggest optimal designs for research projects tailored to your situation. As a full-service agency, we lighten your project management load, attentively supervising your study from initial design, sampling and data collection to analysis, reporting and personal presentation of results. Close professional control over projects results in quality research delivered on time and on budget.

Custom research fits your needs like a custom suit fits you … it gets the most from your research effort. While many studies follow relatively standard procedures, buying someone else’s pre-made study is like picking a suit off the rack … it may fit, it may not. Custom research adapts standard techniques and methodologies to the unique realities of your organization, environment and competitive situation. It doesn’t add cost … just results.

Qualitative & Quantitative
Accelara offers a complete range of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies and study designs to enhance your marketing processes.

Qualitative research techniques explore new territory, probe for opportunities, identify problems and solutions, acquire language and attitudes, gather response to new products, concepts, initiatives, benefits and communications programs. They add definition to intangible questions, gauge opinion and gather human reactions to broaden perspectives and place important issues on the table for evaluation and research.

Quantitative research methodologies deliver projectable market statistics to monitor trends, track market dynamics, define products, predict acceptance, profile customers, target segments and benchmark performance. Hard data are massaged with powerful, sophisticated statistical analyses and examined for detailed descriptive findings that yield rich, insightful marketing management conclusions.

Professional Research
We stand ready to provide the professional research attention your projects deserve. or call 800-717-4503 today to discuss how we may serve you, your company and your customers. Or, if you prefer, use our research inquiry form .

B-to-B & Professional Research
Industrial Market Research
Consumer Research
Corporate Research/Image/Identity
Employee Surveys
International/Multi-Country Research
Low Incidence Markets
Omnibus Surveys

Qualitative research
Focus Groups
Ideation sessions
Mini-groups, Dyads, Triads
Telephone groups
Traditional, in-person groups
Videoconference groups

Quantitative research

Advisory Board / Panel
Beta Testing
Intercept Surveys
Mail Surveys
Telephone Surveys

Web-Based Research

Web surveys
Website surveys
E-mail surveys
Online chat groups
Bulletin Board groups
Web-conference groups
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