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Effective Communications
Accelara’s talented associates are experienced marketing trouble-shooters. Years of diagnostic research on business practices for leading companies across many business sectors gives us a nuts-and-bolts appreciation for integrating marketing strategy and practice. We offer our expertise as consultants for …

Marketing strategy and plan review
Marketing and research program audits
Management training and
organizational development workshops

Marketing Strategy
Strong marketing strategy and sound market plans are prerequisites for success … no amount of effort will overcome poor marketing strategy or implementation.

Accelara’s professionals apply marketing science, systematic thinking and stimulative probing to strengthen your market planning and marketing organizational designs. Add our critical thinking to your …

Business plans for new ventures
Marketing audits
Organizational design for marketing information systems and service delivery

Consultation on Research
When research results fall short of expectation or fail to provide valuable guidance to your operations, it may be time to consider a different approach.

We can help you get your research systems back on track ...

Strengthen your internally conducted research strategy and implementation
Reanalyze and mine your data for new insights and analyses
Help you implement research quality controls to guard the integrity of your data
Help you through staff transitions caused by promotion, illness or termination of key personnel

Accelara’s research team will help your research program define clear research objectives, improved strategies and methodologies and upgrade your analysis and reporting capabilities. Call on Accelara when its time to get your research programs in order.

Training & Development
Accelara is committed to your welfare as a marketing organization. Sometimes research information is not enough to effect change; sometimes an intervention is required to introduce new images of customer service, new business processes and new paradigms for organizational success.

Our workshops and training programs can improve your organization's customer-centered capabilities to help you improve loyalty, satisfaction and, most importantly, profit margins.

We work with you in a dual role ...

As researchers, we speak with your customers to learn their requirements for satisfaction, and how they are treated by your company.
As researchers, we conduct in-company discovery sessions among key personnel and front-line staff to explore organizational abilities and identify obstacles to success
As trainers and educators, we design specific workshops, training materials, internal quality and customer-service marketing programs to gain support from your staff for total customer commitment

Organizational development programs are formatted to your training requirments ... in-house trainings, off-site retreats, online and interactive personal development programs, workshop designs and training program guides for internal staff use.

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Accelara's consulting and training programs are available to support your management needs. or call 800-717-4503 today to discuss how we may serve you, your company and your customers. Or, if you prefer, use our research inquiry form .

Marketing Planning
-Communication Strategy
- Marketing Audits
- Marketing Plans
-Marketing Strategy
-Service Mapping/Design

Research Consultation
-Research Planning & Strategy
-Research Instrument & Analysis
-Research reanalysis/reevaluation
-Meta study

Training & Development
-Marketing management/design
-Marketing training programs
-TQM in Marketing
- Internalizing Customer Satisfaction
-Applying Customer Sat. Data
-Zero-Defections Programs
-Strategies for Planned Change

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