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Webster says intelligence is the ability to learn about new, challenging situations, and to apply that knowledge to manipulate your environment. It takes intelligence to assemble the big picture from bits of information, to detect opportunities and threats early, and to fashion strong competitive response.

Accelara Research offers intelligence of both kinds …

Information about your markets and your business environment to detect change early; and
Information to empower your staff to engage in intelligent service to your market.

Internal intelligence
Research can identify the key information your staff requires, how it should be organized and coordinated, and how it will help you serve your customers. Internal market intelligence empowers staff to anticipate and serve customer needs.

Data-mining processes organize and explore business data for predictive correlations and patterns that help your staff with cross-selling, up-selling, increasing customer loyalty, reducing attrition through customer recovery and efficiently reach to new customers

Frontline Information Systems present staff with a comprehensive view of your customer (as opposed to Management Information Systems that monitor processes). Expert systems support collaboration, integrate business processes, let average individuals perform as superstars and offer a single, intelligent point of company access.

Competitive Intelligence
Competitive market intelligence gives you a macro view of your business environment.

Some intelligence is general… economic indicators, government regulation, environmental science, business and world news provide context for business operations.

Other intelligence is unique to your particular situation, and may only be accessible through require primary marketing research…

Tracking industry performance and competitive share
Keeping tabs on the competition … news of investments and alliances, discoveries and innovations, new marketing and communication thrusts
Conducting due diligence on acquisition targets
Tracking public response to crisis information and management efforts at damage control
Monitoring public opinion on issues that affect you

Social Intelligence
When your interests require monitoring and tracking the changing nature of society, we enthusiastically stand by your side. Social intelligence requires you to track trends, to migrate products forward in rhythm with evolving life-styles, and to follow the demographic cohorts you serve as they march through life passages.

Seismic social changes are at work today, the result of new information systems and communication technologies that affect every part of life. The implications for business and marketers are enormous…

Global access to organized and digested information
The new distance-less geography of cyberspace
World-class, dedicated computing power served through the web
Scientific and technological synergies and collaborations that accelerate the pace of discovery and hasten time-to-market
Strengthening and reweaving of social connections thanks to global audio and video communications
Freedom from tethered connections and bandwidth constraints
Near-future impacts from 3-dimensional vision systems, computer-assisted remote sensing and control, and autonomous mobile robotics

We offer experience and strategy to help you observe and analyze the changing nature of society and technology, and help you navigate the road to tomorrow.

It’s only intelligent
Information is power. Accelara Research can put that information in your hands. or call 800-717-4503 today to discuss how we may serve you, your company and your customers. Or, if you prefer, use our research inquiry form .

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