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Accelara places the power of professional qualitative and quantitative market research in your hands. Appreciate market complexities and resolve market problems with advance knowledge of the situations you face. Call on Accelara Research as your strategic partner to focus the science of marketing research on your unique challenges and opportunities.

Research Capabilities
Research, by definition, is the analytical process that helps you examine and refine all aspects of your marketing operation. Our professionals have the experience and training to assist you to define marketing problems and develop appropriate custom qualitative and quantitative research strategies to get the most from your marketing efforts.

Business Opportunities
New or enhanced products, line extensions, name or location changes, entering new markets ... all opportunities carry elements of risk. Primary research early in project planning and development identifies issues important to your customers. Knowledge-based decisions increase prospects for success and let you manage project risks.

Customer Experience
Listen to the voice of your customer to understand drivers for satisfaction and loyalty. Analyze customer purchasing decisions to find keys that unlock doors to long-term relationships. Appreciate factors that build brand equity and corporate image, and benchmark against the competition to establish and retain competitive edge. Research yields insight to manage your business effectively.

Effective Communications
Communications are costly to design and to place. Ensure that communications efforts are on target: know the benefits sought by your customers, their media attendance habits, the key words and competitive phrases that move their decisions, the imagery that best conveys your message, and the impact of your efforts on awareness, trial and loyalty over time. Let research tune your communications to hit the target.

Market Intelligence
Internal and external market intelligence systems monitor purchasing patterns and competitive positions to quickly detect changes from marketing communication efforts (yours and your competitors). Data-mining and data-warehousing place buying patterns in front of your eyes, opening cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Due diligence through marketing research on your acquisition prospects lets you know exactly what you're buying. Information is the power to do things right.

Marketing Counsel
Accelara's professionals consult on marketing strategy, organization, ebusiness and specific initiatives. Our experience identifying success formulae across many businesses and industries can support your planning processes and offer creative solutions to current problems. Put our marketing professionals to work for your business -- call to see what we can do for you.

About Us
Accelara Research is built on skills and talents of senior research executives with years of global, national and regional experience serving top-level clients. Our talented associates share a consultative philosophy … you deserve more than data, you deserve insightful research that leads to actionable guidance and a worthwhile business return for your research investment.

Ready to serve you
Our research and consulting capabilities are at your disposal. or call
800-717-4503 today to discuss how we may serve you. Or, if you prefer, use our research inquiry form .

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