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Effective Communications
Marketing Communications are full of promise. To be more precise, they are full of your promises. They carry the weight of some of your most important business goals. Marketing communications reach out to your most important publics to…

Describe, position and differentiate your products
Open doors to promote awareness and trial among new customers and markets
Stimulate interactions, relationships and loyalty
Cultivate brand equity and nurture corporate image
Educate users to ensure they gain maximum benefit from your products

Communications research ensures that your communication programs work as hard as you do …

1. Strategy research guides communication planning
2. Motivation research reveals drivers for communication success
3. Content research pretests resonance with target markets
4. Media research identifies attendance habits and patterns
5. Monitoring research tracks achievement toward your objectives

You provide the creative, we provide the research to engineer your communications programs and make sure your public voice rings out loud and clear!

Strategy is doing the right thing, targeting the right markets with messages that resonate to customer perceptions of need and aspiration. Strong strategies move your company toward your marketing goals and objectives.

Communications strategy research benchmarks your market conditions and sets the stage for strategic and tactical planning.

Appreciation for customer motivation is the prime determinant of effective communications. While marketers often use demographics, geographic location, education and income as convenient ways to target markets, they are primarily mere proxies for identifying motivations that correlate with target groups.

Markets are rarely monolithic. They include target market segments that may buy the same or different products for different reasons, use products in different ways, buy different product volumes or from different channels, have different price sensitivities and loyalty factors. Segmentation research identifies and quantifies target market subgroups and explains how to communicate and market to each group. Psychological research evaluates customer responds to stimuli … colors, images, music and environmental settings.

Getting communication content right isn't always easy. Consumers talk about products in a different language than the professionals who design and deliver them. Women think of cars differently than men. Home computer users view software differently than IT pro’s. Patients view healthcare differently than physicians. Business-to-Business buyers like engineers, manufacturing or financial managers and purchasing agents respond to significantly different parts of the communication message.

Content research evaluates consumer reaction to communication concept and content. It offers rich stimulation to creatives to improve and fine-tune messaging programs to resonate with the target market. Research investments are modest in comparison to total program costs, and are returned many times over through improved market relationships.

Program execution means its time to open the checkbook and place your media bets. Research reveals media attendance habits for qualified targets and models reach, frequency and duplication to support efficient allocation of media budgets.

Where strategy research is about doing the right thing, executional research is about doing things right.

Communication programs must be measured to be managed...

Are yours moving the ball in the right direction? Are you achieving your discrete objectives for awareness, persuasion, positioning, brand equity, trial and loyalty?
Are there unanticipated benefits that can be duplicated elsewhere? Are you resolving problems that you intended to address?
Are new environmental factors like competitive reaction to your programs emerging to influence their impact?

Tracking programs confirm that your investments in communication are well placed and serve your larger marketing interests, allowing you to move forward in confidence.

Here’s to communication success
Accelara Research helps you craft effective communication programs from conceptualization to implementation. or call 800-717-4503 today to discuss how we may serve you, your company and your customers. Or, if you prefer, use our research inquiry form .

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