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Customer Experience
Relationships are forged at the intersection of company performance and customer experience. While marketing communications seek to stimulate and influence perceptions, only a favorable customer experience can transform a sale into a relationship.

Loyalty Says it All
A loyal customer base drives a thriving, stable, profitable business. Loyalty results from a commitment to excellence that creates trust in your market. Loyal customers grow easier to serve over time, tend to increase purchasing volume, raise barriers to competition, view you as a trusted business partner and become sources of referrel.

Market-driven companies actively listen to the voice of the customer. Their employees strive to anticipate and satisfy customer interests, and take pride in their work. Their company culture strives to outperform every competitor. Unity of mission and focus results from open, goal-oriented communications. In short, they are high-performance, smoothly operating organizations.

Unfortunately, not all customer experiences are visible to your organization. Dissatisfaction drives customers away, and many don’t complain. Consider these examples:

. Attrition 1

Defectors 2

Don't complain 3
Small-ticket items like packaged goods 60% 63% 96%
Small-ticket services like cable tv or phone 20% 45% 45%
Large-ticket durables – cars, computers 11% 41% 27%
Large-ticket services – insurance, loans, HMOs 18% 50% 37%
1 among dissatisfied customers
2 among non-complainers
3 among dissatisfied customers

While your organization may do better than average, as a professional, you know there is always room for improvement.

Customer Satisfaction is not a study...
Customer satisfaction results from business processes that lead to performance excellence in the eyes of the customer. Impressions can be managed at every point where customers meet products, services and supporting processes.

Satisfaction research focuses a microscope on performance…

Benchmarking studies evaluate sources of awareness, motivations for trial and loyalty, perceptions of quality and performance gaps relative to competition.
Satisfaction tracking issues periodic report performance report cards to visibly illustrate progress to management and staff.
Drill-down investigations remedy points of dissatisfaction…
Sources for poor performance in a specific product or service
Supply and distribution channel attitude and performance
Reasons for lost sales and competitive disadvantage viewed from the buyer’s perspective
Causes of defection and early warning signs for critical performance failure
Employee studies integrate bottom-up knowledge from the front lines of customer contact with top-down strategic vision from the executive suite.
Accelara can even create supporting resources to market study findings internally and generate action … white-papers, posters and flyers, organizational development workshops and training materials.

Dedicated to your satisfaction…
You deserve attention to your goals and objectives, willingness to invest the time to know your company, expert advise framing marketing problems and studies that generate actionable results. You also deserve a close collaboration and a cordial, open working relationship. We are committed to providing superlative research that goes beyond satisfaction to delight you with your results.

And dedicated to positive respondent experiences
If you believe that every point of customer contact counts as an impression, you should be as concerned as we are for the experience of respondents in the research process. There is no reason for research to be unpleasant.

Onerous surveys abuse your customers. They reduce response rates and don’t really get to the information you want to find. We recently reviewed a healthcare customer satisfaction survey designed for a machine … quite literally. Circular dots to fill in completely, stiff, boring layouts, confusing mechanics and skip-patterns, repetitive 20-item rating batteries, and far more.

Customers should be glad to help you deliver quality products and service, and delighted that you have asked. Survey designs can be pleasant, thoughtful and to the point. They can incorporate company colors, logos and themes, with useful graphic backgrounds to support respondent's attention to question flow. Redundant, boring content can be systematically reduced through analysis to a minimal set of indicators with maximum descriptive potential. To examine occasional problems, a separate diagnostic drill-down step can make inquiries in greater detail with those who are agrieved, while sparing those who have had a satisfactory experience.

You get the point …
We’d like to be part of your success. or call 800-717-4503 today to discuss how we may serve you, your company and your customers. Or, if you prefer, use our research inquiry form .

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