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Marketing is the intentional design and delivery of value. Of course, value is in the eyes of the beholder, in this case, your customers. Every new business opportunity is your chance to cater to your marketplace, including your customers and your competitors’ customers.

Decisions involve risk
Decisions forged in the crucible of business begin with ideas and concepts, add a measure of marketing sense, stir in company background and capabilities and, just for spice, incorporate the opinions of all your vital stakeholders from top management to product engineers and designers, manufacturing managers, and your customers. That process of compromise and introduces risk ...

that new products overlook important features or have too many baubles, that they are not intuitive to use, or suffer from tradeoffs and compromises made among stakeholders

that line and brand extensions distort careful positions, cannibalize existing products, splinter markets into inefficient fragments, or fail to differentiate products from the competition.
that new markets in unfamiliar territory overlook cultural biases, misread strengths or weaknesses of in-place competition, have difficulty penetrating distribution channels and miss openings to broader or more rapid acceptance.
that due diligence for business or product acquisitions fail to document claims of volume or penetration, that customer loyalties may not easily migrate to your business, that brand transitions may lead to unexpected levels of attrition.

Research paves the road to success
New initiatives are costly. They entail direct costs for planning, development and launch, as well as opportunity costs for leaving money on the table for any reason. Marketing research doesn't replacegood marketing judgment or strong market knowledge, but in can validate your judgments, stimulate thinking, fine-tune your plans and paint in supporting details to let you to make the most of new opportunities.

Accelara offers research to support every phase of your new initiatives ...

Access sophisticated modeling techniques to define product features, refine and position line extensions, and project price / volume impacts

Profile and size new markets, characterize competition from the customer’s perspective, identify opportune points of access to open new markets and expand your scope service to existing markets

Define and target specific market segments from a benefits / needs orientation, illuminating motivations, preferences and communication opportunities to guide your efforts
Explore new market business models and distribution channels
Identify potential strategic partners, vendors and resellers
Support your commitment to being market-driven and responsive to the evolving demands of rapidly changing markets

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