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Accelara Research is a new organization built on the skills and abilities of highly talented senior research executives. Collective years of experience conducting global, national and regional studies for corporations worldwide provides our clients access to world-class research for projects large and small.

Our associates share a rich research and personal philosophy. First and foremost, we love the research process. Marketing research is a powerful tool for effecting change in the world. It brings honesty and forthrightness to the marketing process, offering consumers and customers the opportunity to tell you how best to serve them, to communicate with them, to present products and services to them. Marketing research helps organizations anticipate and respond to needs of a rapidly evolving world. By delivering the products and services that enrich our lives, marketing creates value for consumers and profits for business. Marketing Research, well done, gives marketers tools to engineer and fine-tune all aspects of the marketing process. That's why we love what we do.

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Second, we all prefer being direct researchers to being top-level managers, dealing with people rather than research ... been there, done that. We choose to make our own schedules, organizational goals and commitments. Thanks to cyberspace, we live where we wish, working effectively from our favorite places. The same network connections allow us to work with you seamlessly, regardless of where your business is located. With offices near Boston, Hartford and New York on the East coast, Portland Oregon and San Francisco on the West, we’re also near you, wherever you happen to be.

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Third, you get top-quality research from Accelara, better than that found at big-city research organizations. What you don’t get are big-city overheads and expensive layers of city-dwelling staff. Our chosen lifestyles around the country are relatively simple, and our business model is streamlined to deliver the highest value to you.

Fourth, working with Accelara your projects are always managed by senior level research professionals with the experience to provide advice and counsel that translates research information into business advantage. Experience allows us to offer you creative research designs and timely, effective execution to serve your information needs. Professional connections throughout the research and intelligence community opens doors to sophisticated, specialized research using advanced analytics, high-tech data collection, native-speaking bilingual interviewers around the world. The same high-level approach adds value to even the most straightforward, low-key research through selection of the most appropriate, least-cost data collection and reporting vehicles for your project.

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